Intune With The Infinite

Intune With The Infinite


She manifests herself from the universe, from a state of undifferentiated energy and matter she manifests her self into a physical form, so she can experience the physical reality, she's one with all forms of life. She stays in tune with the universe through the lotus which represents the Sahasrara chakra and she reconnects with nature. We are all composed of the same atoms and energy, this makes us all connected and one with the universe, we just need to reconnect.

Somerset Enhanced Velvet is a 255gsm fine art paper made from 100% cotton, to give a sheet made with one of the purest forms of cellulose.

 An archival grade paper buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack finished prints may encounter from air pollution.

The paper has a velvety mid textured surface created using natural woollen felts. These surfaces follow traditional printmaking paper (etching, silkscreen etc). 

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