Africa Rising *Limited Edition*

Africa Rising *Limited Edition*


The Voice newspaper commissioned this piece for the Africa On The Square event in Trafalgar Square, which was celebrating African culture in London.
The talking drum beats, the vibrations are energy changing it frequency to become colours, the symbols and eventually Mama Africa.
In African religions, symbols and images are important as they correspond to the right side of the brain, symbols carrying deep meaning are taking into the subconscious instates of trance (when the mind is more receptive), this is induced with diaphragmatic breathing, music, colours etc

Signed and numbered limited edition.


Somerset Enhanced Velvet is a 255gsm fine art paper made from 100% cotton, to give a sheet made with one of the purest forms of cellulose.

An archival grade paper buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack finished prints may encounter from air pollution.

The paper has a velvety mild textured surface created using natural woollen felts. 

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